Purpose: Find Your Reason for Being on Earth

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

We all have what we should do on the earth to add value to humanity. It is the way God had designed for us to live while here on earth. For you to encounter purpose, you have to be inquisitive and vigilant.

What would you love to do that will transform people and society? Seek answers to this question and you are likely to discover purpose. The best way to know is to ask your Creator – God. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He had prepared you for something impacting and fulfilling.

Despite your pains, setbacks and challenges, your purpose is intact. Arise and find your reason for being on earth. You are fit to fulfil purpose.

Make good use of your gifts and the revelations from your God about your purpose and life will be worth living. Have a great day.

Say: Dear Lord, thank You for Your word. Lord, I ask that You reveal my purpose to me and guide me to fulfil it to your glory in Jesus Name, Amen. Thank You Lord.

Make peace with God:

Say: Lord Jesus, I thank You for laying down your life for me. I repent of my sins  and confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God had raised Him from the dead, I am saved.  Jesus, be my Lord and personal Saviour. I rejoice because God is now my Father, Amen.

Have a great day!


Written By Eno James, Founder/CEO www.enoglobalmedia.com

Email: enoglobal@yahoo.com

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