The journey of success can be smooth if we are confident to make good use of what we have. Our gifts, talents and abilities should be our first port of call as we desire to set out and achieve. Often, we neglect what we have and spend precious time searching for what others have. Most of the time, what we admire in others was once crude and unattractive. They sacrificed to make it beautiful and profitable. They invested in themselves, delayed some of the gratification they deserved and expended some energy to polish their craft. And the doors began to open. Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.” You must be strong to arise to take your own journey of developing what is crude and find your place on the earth. God is good to all but many are not good to themselves. They prefer to complain and to beg. They walk with their eyes closed and their palms folded. You are the one to do the work and the work you do consistently will open the doors. It will make room for you. Diligence is the key. Use what you have because God has given you something. Believe in work and open your eyes to see what people need. Use your gift to solve people’s problems. That is the only way to demystify success. Have a great day! – Enoglobal

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