Fans mock ‘colour blind’ trolls who made racist comments about the Kardashian babies

Kim Kardashian posted a photograph of her daughter and nieces on Instagram earlier this week with the caption ‘The Triplets’ and there have been mixed reactions from trolls.


L-R:  Kim’s daughter, Chicago; Khloe’s daughter, True; and Kylie’s daughter Stormi

One hater commented about True’s dark colour and some other racist remarks and many others defended the babies with some nice words:

“These babies look so beautiful so loving black is beauty guys true is just beautiful stop hurting babies for no reasons because of the skin colour before abusing her first take a look at your baby thn comment she is better than yours…these three little babies are just beautify”

“really? I start by saying I agree with you but not surprised. Going up as a dark skinned black girl I got this all the tome. It’s beyond me that people are shocked. The history of what is pretty or gorgeous in America has always left out black women and more specifically darker skinned women. You have to look at history to under this. This is why it is so important that we hope it slowly starts to change but even now.. we get criticized for our hair in its natural state. This happens all the time to black and brown children so much so that some people decide to bleach their skin just to lighten it.”

Awww! They r so cute!!! I love mixed babies especially True!!!❤❤

“Miss True, You are Truly beautiful! All three of these children are blessed to be healthy and absolutely Gorgeous.”


True Thompson

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